Christmas Boxes

Hi everyone! So we thought we’d try to give you some guidance on ordering your Christmas box, and really boxes in general, the principles are the same really … all based on numbers and preferences!

The box business was a lot smaller 12 months ago we were able to price individual orders. This year, we will unfortunately struggle to do that because of the greater numbers involved.

We have our staff in place already, and have decided to close down delivery on Sunday & Monday that week and do a combined day for the regulars there on Tuesday 22nd. We thought this was better for you as it is closer to Christmas, and better for us, as it gives us 2 clear days after our Markets on Saturday to prep and plan to perfection … we’re going to need this time to ensure everything is RIGHT!

When thinking about your Christmas Order with us, the first thing we look for when we come to your order if : how many are you feeding. This helps us determine if you’re ordering the right size box.

As you know, we offer 3 sizes of box: £12, £15 and £20. And 3 types: Mixed, Veg and Fruit. It is possible to do any number of combinations of these in one order! For example, if you normally order a £20 Veg box and fancy some Christmas fruit, you can add on a £12 Fruit. If you normally order a £15 Mixed Box and require extra, you can order two and tell us how to work them … we’re very flexible!
Below is what we anticipate our Christmas Stock List will look like, and therefore what you can request as special items. Not all are guaranteed, so some are marked “H” for “Hope so”!!


Carrots: dirty & washed
Onions: white, red and shallots
Cyprus (multipurpose of choice!), Cheshires (multipurpose), washed & scraping new potatoes
Cabbage: Red, Savoy, Spring
Sprouts: Loose or on the Stem (H)
Fine Beans
Sugar Snap Peas
Butternut Squash
Kale, potentially purple and/or green (H)
Red chilli (medium hot)
Red & Yellow Peppers
Mushrooms: Chestnut, Flat & White


Free range eggs always available £1.50 for 6
Iceberg lettuce
Little Gem lettuce
Tomatoes: complicated!
A cherry either loose or on vine/larger vine toms/salad toms (regular and/or large plum)
Spring Onions

Please allow a £1.50 – £2 spend for these

Walnuts (in shell)
Chestnuts (in shell)
Brazils (in shell and Hope So!?)
Loose Mixed Fruit & Nuts (Includes shelled Raisins, Peanuts, Cashews, Walnuts and Brazils. Portioned by sanitised scoop, no handling by hand.)
Dried Figs
Packets of Dates (normally 80p)


Various varieties but mostly English like Braeburn, Royal Gala, Russets, potentially a Pink Apple?
Pears: Conference are standard, we hope to get English Comice too!
Asian Pears: A cross between an apple and a pear, very juicy (good for a hangover!)
Seedless grapes
Easy peelers: this might be clementines, satsumas, mandarins, all three, two or just one! 😀
Navel oranges (beautiful!)
Melon: not sure on variety yet but obviously not a watermelon!
Sharon fruit (H)
Lychee (H)
Grapefruit, normally pink
Lemons & Limes
This is an unknown at the moment. Blueberries and raspberries have been in good supply to date, but strawberries are a definite (H)ope for! We don’t know.
Bramley Apples

So we hope that helps!!

Merry Christmas everyone and hope you have a brilliant New Year. See you in 2021 xx